04 Sexy Long Hairstyles for Men That You Can Copy


With a fashionable and trendy look, long hairstyles are still a great alternative to traditional haircuts. If you’re willing to step into the world of sexy men with long hair, check out these attractive long hairstyles for men to catch the top-notch one.

Man Bun

Some people think it’s just an old-fashioned style that no one wants to wear. However, it’s still stuck around and alive. If your hair is more than 6 inches in length, you just simply pull back your hair, twist into a bun at the back of the head and secure it with a hair tie. The special feature of the man bun is its practicality and simplicity because it only takes a few minutes to complete but still brings out a trendy look.

Top Knot

Top Knot is a combination of the man bun and undercut, faded, or shaved haircuts. The short hair on the sides makes the top stand out more clearly. The edgy look from the contrast texture brings you a sexy appearance that wins every woman’s heart. You can be flexible with several different styles like adding some braids to create a creative look.

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This is a simple and easy style to bring your beloved long hair an elegant look. Like other long hairstyles for men, all you need to do is to pull your hair back and tie it. It is a practical way to keep your hair out of your face without any difficulty. You can apply some product to make your hair look a little bit messy or voluminous.


For those who want a medium-length hair but don’t need to style their hair, shoulder-length hair is a perfect choice. With this hairstyle, your hair can keep its natural texture. If you want to style it, just simply part it to the side for a stylish side-swept look. This is really one of the most beautiful long hairstyles for men in 2020.

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