05 Cutest and Handsome Little Boy Haircuts


It might be a challenge to choose a hairstyle for your kids because there are a lot of little boy haircuts. Nowadays, our boys want to be cool and fashionable, so you should choose a style that reflects their personality or hobby. Let’s take a look at these cute little boy haircuts to have an idea for your toddler boy.

1. Short Messy Hairstyle

This awesome short hairstyle is especially suitable for boys with thick hair, but it still works well for all hair types. After having a classic cut with short sides and slightly longer hair on the top, you can apply a styling product to make a messy, textured style that gives your kids an adorable yet cool look.

2. Ivy League

This is a popular haircut for men of all ages, of course, it is suitable for your kids. You can style the spiked front easily at home for your kids with a good hair pomade for boys, and then comb over the hair.

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3. Long Hair

There are several cool little boy haircuts for your kids to choose, and long hair is one of them. You just need to let your kids’ hair grow naturally and style it. The long hairstyle for boys is perfect for straight thick or wavy hair.

4. Faux Hawk with Undercut

This faux hawk is a great choice for kids with thick and thin hair. You can pair with undercuts on sides and your kids will look cool as they want. The top appears a little bit messy with the short sides which highlights the style and makes your kids’ look stand out.

5. Curly Hairstyle

It’s charming and sweet to look at a kid with curly hair. Curly hair always appears in the list of cute and handsome little boy haircuts because of its easy styling. Use a bit of styling product to make the curls voluminous and prevent them from being a bush.

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