08 Attractive Short Beard Styles In 2020


Beards make men seem more attractive, stronger, and sexier. If you’re confused about which style you should wear, let check our gallery for short beard styles which are simple, office-friendly, and low-maintenance. 

Short Box Beard 

It’s simply a short version of the full beard that’s great in the summer time. A short box beard can be easier to maintain than a full one.


Honestly, this beard style is a variation of the short box beard we discussed above. However, the focal point of this style is in the mustache because the facial hair on the cheeks, jaw, and trim is trimmed shorter and slightly closer to the skin. 

Van Dyke Beard

This is one of the most famous short beard styles from the 17th century which is especially loved by Johnny Depp. The beard is recognized by a classic goatee with a mustache.

Royal Beard 

A royal beard is a combination of a mustache and a chin strip. This beard is partly similar to the Van Dyke beard except for the shape of hair on your chin. The hair grows vertically down the chin and you can trim it as thin as possible. 

The Balbo Beard

The Balbo is featured by a goatee and a disconnected mustache which is great for men who have troubles in growing a full beard like other styles including the Van Dyke and Royal Beard.

Chin Strap Bear

Shaped by a strip of hair that grows under your chin, a chin strap beard is various in the thickness of your facial hair. You can be creative with sharp edges to make a cool look.

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Classic Mustache

Among these simple short beard styles, the classic mustache is the simplest one to get. Let the hair on your upper lip grow naturally and then trim it a little bit while shaving the cheeks, neck, and jawline clean. 

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There are several versions of goatees that are suitable for almost all face shapes. Try to gradually trim the beard depending on the shape of your face instead of choosing a popular style. 

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