10 Great Ideas To Get Slicked Back Hair For Men


People usually say “old but gold” and we think that it’s totally true when it comes to this hairstyle. The slicked back hair is an old hairstyle but still famous for its flexibility in hair types, hair lengths, and occasions.

Slicked back hair men have an aura of a cool and sophisticated look that impresses others and draws other’s attention. So, to simplify the process of finding a perfect hairstyle, we’ve collected some cool slicked back hairstyles for you to choose next time when you visit your favorite barbershop.

1. Classic Slicked Back

All you need to do is to grow medium-length hair and use a bit of a quality pomade to style your hair. Remember to avoid a hair product with rigid-type features because it will make your hair “fake” and flat instead of a smooth and stylish look.

2. Slicked Back with Beard

A good, traditional way to complete the slicked back hair is to combine with a beard. If you’re a beardaholic, this style will satisfy you immediately.

3. Slicked Back with Side Part

Basically, it’s just slicked back hair but only for hair on top. You have to sweep your sides to create a side part or you can shave a line to make a hard part to highlight the slicked back on top.

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4. Slicked Back with Undercut

In recent years, the undercut has become one of the most popular hairstyles for men around the world. And when combined with a contemporarily trendy hairstyle as the slicked back, it becomes a completely perfect style for men in both formal and casual situations.

5. Slicked Back with Pompadour

The pompadour is voluminous and massive. In this case, a slicked-back will helps the pompadour stand out and be more attractive in the crowds.

6. Slicked Back with Man Bun

A man bun is made by combing the hair towards the back and tying a knot. Therefore, you just need a final step of adding pomade to become more flattering.

7. Slicked Back with Long Hair

Do you think a long hairstyle will be suitable for a formal situation? A long slicked back hair men can appear sophisticated and cool in front of others. Use a handful of a wet-look pomade to keep your hair back for a bolder look.

8. Slicked Back with Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, you might have some difficulties in styling it due to its unique texture. Luckily, now you can mix it with the slicked back to form a new look. Apply a bit of a light mouse to your hands and gradually slick through your hair back, then give it a natural drying to get the best texture.

9. Slicked Back with Fade

Like its brother, the undercut, the fade cut will highlight your slicked back hair. You can choose any levels of fading to fit your style or your workplace.

10. Slicked Back with Short Hair

To close today’s topic, we recommend a style for those who don’t like to grow hair long. However, it depends on how short your hair is. Make sure that your hair isn’t too short to style or you will get a porcupine-shaped head.

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  1. My brother wants to have a new look for his upcoming company party so I”m helping him find a style that would suit him. he’s had long hair for over 10 years so I think a slicked-back with short hair would really give him a fresh look. I’ll take note of what was stated here to not make the hair too short that it looks like a porcupine. I hope a great haircut service can help him rock this look.


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