10 Stunning Hairstyles for the 2020 Summer (Part II)


To wrap up the series, here are the next 5 practical and trendy hairstyles you must try this summer.

10 Stunning Hairstyles for the 2020 Summer

5. Lots of Braids

I know what you’re thinking. Of course, braids are not the easiest and fastest hairstyle you can do. But trust me, once you get it done, it won’t need any maintenance in an entire month. Then you can be free wearing your braids down, pull them into a bun or half bun, and tie them up.

6. A Messy Topknot

A messy bun is not strange for us. Even so, we can never get bored since this style is particularly cute and cool. You can still make it even more interesting by pulling out a few wispy and face-framing layers and leave them around your face. We love this style because even when your hair is pulled back, you won’t need to worry about getting a sunburned part.

7. Barrettes With Bangs

Forehead sweat is what we all hate about bangs in summer, right? If your bangs are not long enough to tie them up, try to part them down the middle, and pin the fringe to each side. You can use metal barrettes in place of pins to have a more mature look.

8. A Soft Twist

Any fan of the messy buns never passes without trying this hairstyle out. This French-twist-topknot hybrid brings in the French-lady vibe. You should let your hair loose and pull out some pieces around your face to keep it appear “natural”.

9. Sleek and Slicked style

The best part of this hairstyle is you don’t need to worry about your sweat. The more you perspire, the better it looks.

10. Wrapped Up style

This hairstyle is created by sticking the end of the summer scarf at the base of your ponytail. Then, twist the scarf and the hair together and fixing them with some pins to finish the look.

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