10 Stunning Ways to Make Your Hair Brown Ombré


“Brown ombré hair is probably my all-time-favorite look,” many girls have confessed. That’s not all about the feeling, the favor, in fact, comes from many factors such as the low maintenance, less damage, trendy and different look. Scroll down, have a look at the best examples we can give you and find out what’s your favorite. And show that picture to your hairdresser in the next salon appointment.

10 Stunning Ways to Make Your Hair Brown Ombré

Ombré-hair-4 10 Stunning Ways to Make Your Hair Brown Ombré

1. Cool-Toned Brunette Ombré

This subtle look was invented by Stephen Garrison, the expert colorist who works among Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and San Francisco.

2. Light-Brown Ombré

This hairstyle is represented with a sun-kissed, light-brown ombré color. As a result, it makes the whole look attainable and elevated simultaneously.

3. Ash Blonde Highlights

A dark mahogany tone can be kept with this style. You can both wear a light brown and ash blonde shade at the same time. Moreover, the waves also give more volume and texture to your hair.

4. Ombré Lob

With a lob, this color creates the whole combination with an edgy and perfectly tousled look. Here, the cool-toned color ends in a beautiful ash-blonde tone.

5. Long Brown Ombré

For the girls who have naturally brown hair and still want this transformation with losing the base, this one is born for you. The raven locks are amazingly blended with chestnut highlights, framing the face and making it shine.

6. Golden-Brown Ombré

This golden-brown ombré, whose father is Justin Anderson, looks almost luminescent. Have you found this hair color familiar yet? Yes, you are right. This is Jennifer Aniston-Esque highlights that you’ve been looking for.

7. Honey Brown Meld

If you are not a fan of blond, this is your go-to color. Here, dark-brown hair is melded in a dimensional honey brown.

8. Summer Blonde Waves

With a little more intensive transition, the hairstyle is on trend this summer.

9. Toasted Blonde

In this look, the blondest pieces are put at the front. Therefore, girls wearing this hairstyle have a beachy and sun-kissed vibe.

10. Oak-Brown

The hair initially starts with raven black color and slowly turns to a light oak-brown one. Thus, this hairstyle may make you want to run your fingers through the waves constantly.

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