10 Trendy Ombre Hairstyles For 2020


Ombre hairstyle as dominated the fashion market for quite a while now. This method of combining two or more colors together and let one blend into the other works for different natural hair colors – and it looks great on every sort of hairstyle. That is probably why we are so obsessed with the trend. We just can’t get enough of it! Let’s take a look at our latest ombre hairstyles series. Which one will inspire you?

10 Trendy Ombre Hairstyles For 2020

Brown to Blonde Ombre Sleek Bob

This spotless, stylish bob is the best way to start our gallery in style. This elegant long bob is about an inch below the shoulder and split in the middle. It provides a beautifully symmetrical look that you would surely love. Mixing at the ends from a chocolate brown to a shiny ice blonde, blending effortlessly from one to the other.

Ombre hairstyles: Light to Dark Pastel Lilac Bob

The truly lovely bob is full of personality – and we just love it! Finished with a stunning side fringe and longer strands falling around the ears, the rest of the hair is chopped throughout to beautiful, short, graduated layers, for this bouncy bob finish. This blends in from a soft pastel lilac at the ends to a much darker lilac hue.

Ombre Bob With Centre Parting

This gorgeous long bob falls just about one inch or two below the shoulder length and is divided into the middle for a beautifully symmetrical look that we can’t stop swooning over! Her hair starts with a striking dark brown shade which is shiny and rich and blends smoothly over the front and ends of the hair into a stunning caramel blonde. The loose curls are truly stunning throughout.

Ombre hairstyles: Dark to Pastel Purple Ombre

This woman is blessed with the most exquisite long, dark hair that hangs down the length of her back in thick bands. In addition to its many twists, this stunning appearance starts with a deep and dark purple hue, mixing with a wonderful array of light purple colors before a pleasant pastel color finishes in its center.

Black to Blue Barrel Curls

Another beautiful and stunning combination of color to create a perfect finished hairstyle using vivid shades. The origins of this look are a shiny and dark black that is oh so vivid, and it transitions into a stunning light blue through a shadow transformation. This beautiful lady has worked big barrel curls for a great night-out look throughout.

Dark to Light Brown Ombre Blend

Another beautiful ombre combination to add to our range –this spectacular melting of white to gold paint is striking. Her lovely long hair goes from the darkest brown to a beautiful shade of toffee at the ends, melting effortlessly from one to the other.

Brown to Golden Blonde Long Waves

Those lovely long locks are blessed with the most incredible combination of shadows we’ve ever seen! The hair cascades down the back and works at the ends from a deliciously dark deep brown hue to an exquisite white blonde and caramel. She has applied loose waves to the beautiful finish in the theme.

Ombre Hairstyles: Red to Yellow Blend

Ombre hair transformations do not work exclusively with more natural shades –as this lovely lady proves. It just looks perfect with brighter colors too! Her hair moves right through to the light blonde ends from a shiny and vivid shade of cherry red, hitting a delicate shade of copper in the middle as one hue blends into another. The hair is all-round finished with lovely barrel curls to add bounce to the ends.

Chocolate Brown to Golden Blonde

The beautiful long locks of this lady are shiny, sleek, and so stylish-particularly due to the incredible shadow transformation at work here! Starting with a lovely chocolate brown hue, this trendy female’s striking hair transforms into a gleaming golden blonde at the ends, in a glamorous finish.

Brown to Ash Blonde With Curled Ends

This beautiful hairstyle is the perfect introduction to our album! Beginning with a deep and dark brown at the root and transforming into a lighter color. Plus, it’s finishing at the ends of the hair with a perfect ash shade of blonde. This stunning lady has worked curls from the length of the ear down for a lovely result.

We still have tons of ombre hairstyles for you. Let us know which fashion inspiration gallery you want next!

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