11 Go-to Hairdos for Little Girls to Show Your Love


Whatever ages your children are, they always want to feel the love from you, parents, brothers, or sisters. Making them feel good about their appearance is a good start. Don’t just make them a ponytail. Create different hairstyles for different occasions to encourage them to be creative and express more about themselves.

You may not good at hairdos at first, but I am about to make you a pro. We rounded up 11 hairdos for your little girls below.


When I want something a bit more complicated than usual, I go to two braids for my kids. These hairstyles are not only cute and classic but also not time-consuming at all. Your girls can play every day along with this hairstyle.


Although two french braids are not as simple as the above one. Every little girl loves them, though. This hairdo makes my girl, for instance, feel like she is a little princess. So, don’t avoid this style just because it takes you a couple of times, do it to make your kids feel special.

Hairdos for Little Girls – MILKMAID BRAIDS

This is my favorite, to be honest. It looks so subtle and fancy but actually, it is just two braids plus some colorful bobby pins. Kids love it, I give you my word.


Sweat and long hair are enemies of summers. With this hairdo, your kids will have nothing to worry about all of those inconveniences. To create a sleek and sporty look, before making a ponytail, spray your girl’s hair with water. I love to add a little bow under the bun to rock this hairstyle.


While top knot is sporty, low buns go so well with dresses or skirts. To create this style, start doing a ponytail at the base of the head. Wrap all hair around the base and hold it in place with a rubber band.

SIDE MINI PONYTAIL – Hairdo for Little Girls

In case your kid wants hair down, make her a side mini ponytail. Part her hair on the side, make a small ponytail on top, and decorate to finish the look.


This is quite similar to the above one but upgraded.

HIGH PONYTAIL – Classic Hairdo for Little Girls

High ponytail is a classic hairdos for little girls and is my go-to when I’m in a rush.

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This hairdo is so tide and neat that I do it every day to my toddler.

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