12 Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair Brides


There are plenty of things you have to prepare for your wedding: dress, flowers, drinks, guests and even a gorgeous hairstyle too. Almost everyone wants to be as beautiful and stunning as possible during their big day. There are thousands of stylish wedding hairstyles for you to choose like half up half down, updos, old Hollywood curls, and so on. Yet, many girls assume that these splendid styles are just for long hair, and this is completely wrong. No matter if you have a bob or a pixie cut, with modern wedding trends, you can be extremely magnificent on your big day. Let’s take a look at these stunning examples of wedding hairstyles for short hair brides.

Hair Pinned to One Side

Pins are one of the most picked accessories in modern girls’ closet. A little sparkling hairpin on your slightly wavy curls will make you look sweeter and softer than ever. Or, if you are a cool bob girl, then turn it into a major focal point with a set (or two) of stylish bobby pins.

Low Messy Chignon

The low messy updo will receive a lot of compliments if you plan for a rustic style wedding. Such a cute chignon hairdo can be accompanied by artificial or fresh flowers. Remember to add some pins to keep the curls stay together.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair brides: Don’t miss Pixie With Headband

Crowns are not just for long, wavy hair girls. Place a beautiful flower crown or a delicate rhinestone headband on top of your pixie cut for a fancy wedding hairstyle.

Curly Updo

Updo hairstyles are popular choices of brides and bridesmaids in a spectacular event like a wedding. This curly updo can have the same effect for short hair girls, with its twisted curls holding up by hairpins. Add some flowers or jewels to your hair will make it look fancier.

Simple Straight Bob

Have naturally straight hair? You still can flaunt it up with an original, classic bob. Simple but perfect for an important occasion.

Baby Buns and Mini Braids

Even though your hair is super short, you can still work it into a few braided buns with texture spray, and bobby pins.

Soft Dutch Braids

This is one of many popular wedding hairstyles for short hair brides. It is possible to get your bob-length locks into braids. Even if you have a super-short cropped cut, with these Dutch braids, you would be perfect for your wedding day.

French Girl Chic 

If you are considering whether to have bangs for a wedding day or not, then just simply say yes. A French girl chic never goes out of style and automatically makes you look like you didn’t try too hard to make it perfect.

Lavender Hair

Not all girls desire a traditionally normal hairstyle for their wedding. In fact, some have tried experimenting with hair colors redefining wedding hairstyles. And the soft lavender hair has a tinge of silver color that complements the charismatic hairstyle. Some fresh flowers on your hair will make it look even more stunning.

Retro Glam

When using headbands, you are adding a vintage touch to your bridal look. Pull the headband across the forehead and blend it with veil, bow, or any other accessory you wear down the aisle. It will make you look like a mysterious princess from fairy tales.

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Gorgeous Headband and Tiara

Headbands never go out of fashion, even if you are at a wedding. It can suit any hairstyles like a pixie cut, bob, or updos. Regardless of your hair length, pearls paired with crystals are a bridal look we can all get behind. Keep your hair slicked back and smooth to let your headband take the focus.

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Fishtail Braid Accent

A small fishtail together with a glamorous updo is also a wise choice for short hair girls to flaunt during their wedding.

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