20 Coolest Undercut Pixie Cuts


Here are The 20 Coolest Undercut Pixie Cuts I Found

An undercut pixie cuts is a women’s haircut where the sides or back are shaved and disconnected from the short hair on top. In essence, it’s an edgy cut that fuses two bold, versatile, and sporty haircuts together and is invented to satisfy fashion-savvy rocker chicks.

There is nothing more to ask for from this low-maintenance look that gives a strong yet feminine image. Albeit the short length, there are plenty of styles you can go for – bangs, messy coif, and even a faux hawk!

You’ll be attaining extreme cool-girl vibes with the help of some hold and styling products such as waxes and clay. Plus, dyeing your cropped hair with trendy fashion colors could complete the look.

Notable personalities who confidently carried this androgynous style are Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Scarlett Johansson. San Antonio hairstylist David Solis features some of his insane work on pixie cuts with undercuts and vivid colors, and they’re definitely to die for!

It’s practical, striking, and contemporary – if you need more reasons why you should get an undercut pixie, check out these popular images below for your inspiration:

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