20 Cute Ways to Upgrade Crimped Hairstyles


Crimped hair is now making a big comeback with women. Different from the 80s style, women know how to refresh it in many modern ways that we have never seen in the past. Do you want to know more about crimped hairstyles? Keep a look at the list of 20 ways to upgrade crimped hairstyles that brings you trendy styles and the current new fades.

How to Crimp Your Hair

Crimped hair is sometimes called a zig-zag or crinkled hairstyle. Many hair bloggers and celebrities like to share their image with this hairstyle to spirit every one. So, we can say that it is the new trend in the world of the beauty industry. As always, you can find basic crimped hair tutorials on the internet. After that, you should check out the collection of the best ways to upgrade crimped hairstyles below that can create the new one. For example, consider ponytail, braids, and even buns with crimped hair. Besides give you the photos, we also have helpful tips for you.

Some Tips for Upgrading Crimping Hairstyles

1. If you have a lot of hair, you should start crimping from bottom layers; let the rest of the top of your head freely.

2. In contrast, crimp from the top of the head. They will bring voluminous to your hair.

3. If you want to look shinier, consider a steam crimper, or use hair wax with those locks.

4. We suggest you to use the flat iron for a straight hair first, and then begin to crimp from the roots.

5. You also might try no-heat crimp by overnight braids or wrapping your hair around pins. However, sometimes you will receive a different result such as beach waves.

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See these ways to upgrade crimped hairstyles now!

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