20 Smart & cool haircuts for balding men


Having realized how much unconfident the balding men are, we have prepared 20 modern haircuts for balding men. This collection can be plentiful and sometimes it is hard to choose. Take time and ask others before make the final decision. 

1. Shaved head. 

It’s not just great when you need to say goodbye to your hair. However, if it is in the worst condition, you should shave it but with style. This bald haircut saves all the hassle!

2. Buzzcut

Buzzcut can be the top haircuts for balding men. In case you don’t want it to be shaved. This haircut can be the most common cut for the bald. It is highly suitable for those who have oval and heart-shaped faces. To save time, you can take care of your hair yourself at home with a trimmer. It is easy, believe me! 

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3. Short hairs with bangs

In case you have a receding hairline, some messy, layered bangs can be your friend. It immediately covers your large forehead. You should ask a barber to make this hair for you. It doesn’t take much time. 

4. Haircuts for balding men: Long straight haircut

For those who have round and heart-shaped faces, wearing your long hair will hide your weak points successfully. The barber tries to blow-dry your hair so that it falls towards the sides and covers the balding areas. You can use a little bit of hair wax to look more perfect. 

5. Shiny bald head with a beard.

A bear is a life savior to any balding men. It creates a good contrast to the hairstyles. You can freely try any beard styles to choose the most suitable one. These styles can be ideal for square and oval-shaped faces.

 6.Shaved on top short on the sides

This haircut was born for a balding man with a long face. It does not require to shave all of your hair off. Just maintain the hair on the sides and the back regularly, then you will look good every time.

Keep scrolling, there are bunch of haircuts for balding men ahead!

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