20 Top Short Hairstyles for Round Face Older Women


Older women with round faces often think about one-length pixies or classic bobs when they mention short hairstyles. However, it is actually many other styles than that. Sometimes, you cannot even imagine how differently you will look after deciding to style one of them. Even your hair type is thin or thick; we have solutions for round faces. We have found 20 latest short hairstyles for round face older women for you in this article. These hairstyles help to balance your round face shape perfectly, hack your age and never go out of trend. Give a look at them and choose which one is the best for your new look.

On-Trend Short Hairstyles for Round Face Older Women

The most important aspect for every woman before cutting any style is to find a professional hairstylist. They will know how to make you more beautiful by the way they cut your hair, style, and color your strands. You should know round faces do not have angular features like other face shapes. Also, the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are almost in the same width. Another point of round faces is that the cheeks often look fully. In that case, we recommend you to experiment with a short hairstyle that covers your ears. This style is slimming asymmetrical with side bangs, with angles, spikes, or even considering shaggy layers.

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Are you looking for pixie cuts? You can prefer volume on the top or backcombing pixie. Meanwhile, if you want to achieve bob hairstyles, pay attention to a chin-length or angles in the front and stacked or graduated back.

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