5 Baddie Hairstyles that Even Good Girls Can’t Resist


Readers have witnessed so many trends emerging in the past few months. Baddie hairstyles are one of them. First appeared on Instagram, now they are present on almost every platform. We can find them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and even on high-end runways.

To help you show off your boldness and fun through baddie hairstyles, we rounded up the top 5 baddie hairstyles you must wear this summer.

1. Baddie Hairstyle: Vibrant Blunt Bob

You want something “baddie”, go to a blunt bob and thank me later. To have a blunt bob, ask your hairstylists a straight cut with blunt lines and no elevation. The straighter and sleeker your hairstyle gets, the cooler the look will be. Don’t add any layers or texture to it.

You only live once. Thus, don’t hesitate to take the plunge for super vibrant colors. Blue or purple will rock this year, in case you need my advice.

2. Half-Up Fountain Pony

To be honest, I cannot get over half-up fountain pony gals. Just see how cool and badass Ariana Grande and Khloe Kardashian are with this hairstyle.

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3. Sleek bun – A Baddie Hairstyle

One fact you may not notice is that baddies don’t care much about what others think about them. That’s why they always embrace the natural and raw beauty. The sleek bun is one perfect example. Get a bun and polish it off is quite enough.

4. Clipped up

Clipped up has been a trend and we all know why. Who can resist all those vibrant butterfly clips? What’s best about it is that you can be creative as much as you can. Just add clips whatever you want as long as the finished look could not disappoint you.

5. Baddie Hairstyle: Rubber Band Hairstyles

Band hairstyles are cool. But I don’t think 2020 is its year. Instead, criss-cross rubber band hairstyles are new waves to join baddie clubs.

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