5 Cute Shaved Hairstyles for Ladies


Shaved haircuts give you an edgier look without the commitment of completely shaving off your hair. Let’s give up a stricter your dress code! Whether you want a bold or a new look with long or short hair, we have some styles for you. Here are 5 ways clippers of shaved haircuts for ladies can spice up your life.

Subtle Side Bob: Best Shaved Haircuts for Ladies

With this style, you can always look trendy while still looking professional by keeping a bob and getting only one of your sides shaved. It will be better when you choose the right color.

Long Hair Shaved Underneath

Sometimes, shaving a part of hair is not just for short-haired ladies only! It brings a wild aspect with your feminine hair that is the request for your next visiting hair salon. Also, add outstanding colors like grey or pink to get the most eye-catching.

Half Shaved Head with Mermaid Waves

This is another perfect shaved-style for mermaid’s long hair. Very long hair with a short side is a hairstyle for those who are not only brave, but also feminine. If you are one of them, try to experiment with it right now with pastel hair color.

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Tribal Curly Shaved Hair

This style is a beautiful combination between curly hair and angular designs. You should show off your cool hair with a high bun, or pony. We assure you will receive many compliments when wearing it.

No-Fuss Half-Shaved Mohawk

A medley of short, sweet, bold and soft, here is a no-fuss cut with one side shaved. This faux half Mohawk style enhances your appearance in any situation.

Shaved haircuts are not only for men but also for women. It has become more and more popular style recently. So, which one is your favorite in 5 shaved haircuts for ladies?


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