5 Longer Haircuts for Boys that Look Awesome


Longer haircuts are on-trend for boys of all ages recently. Besides trendy, it brings a classic, timeless appearance. Actually, long hair does not need high-maintenance like others think. So, check out 5 longer haircuts for boys that allow boys to show off their personality.

Long Wavy Hair: Longer Haircuts for Boys

If your straight hair is growing out, wavy locks can be a better option for a new style. Because boys with long wavy hair are always stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, if your kid wants to get a naturally wavy texture that means he doesn’t need to use styling products.

Thick Medium Length Hairstyle

In reality, it is more difficult to style short thick hair. But, a thick hair combines with a textured medium-length can make it differently. This was a popular long boy’s haircut in the ’70s and ’80s. Not only the perfect for thick hair, but also the classical look it brings for boys of all ages.

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Curly Long Bob with Center Part

Another long style can be challenging to manage for boys with naturally thick and curly hair. Plus, a curly long bob does it great job of making highlight between the shoulder-length and cropped haircuts. The tip is that you should part their hair in the center to get a perfect style like in the 70s.

Medium Length Layered Cut

Layered haircut works at all hair types, especially thin hair. Thanks to Layers, the boy’s hair can look thicker as well as take some of the ‘weight’ out of already thick hair.

Natural Medium Length Hair

Let your son’s hair run wild and free with a natural medium-length cut. This cute and messy style doesn’t require too much brush. It suits for daily life such as outdoor activities at school.

After seeing these longer haircuts for boys, which one makes you inspirit?

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