7 Trendy & Fashionable Hairstyles in Fall 2020


Although the summer sun stills shine brightly in the sky, it’s time to make yourself ready for a new season. Unlike summer, fall is much more humid and cool, with completely different hairstyles to try. Maybe you think we’re talking about the future, and we have a long journey to get there. Yet, it costs you nothing to prepare in advance, so just take a look at these advices for your fashionable hairstyles in fall 2020.

Baby braids

You may think that braid is already out of fashion. In fact, it is a top trend this fall with a little braided remix. Make two tiny three-strand on each side and leave the rest down or pull back for a new sassy look.

Giant scrunchies

Hair pins and clips are getting smaller and more popular than ever. But that doesn’t mean a giant scrunchie is now old-fashioned. You can use it for a ponytail, half-up top knot, or even braids.

Sheer ribbons

Many people think that ribbons are just for kids. Actually, if you know the right way to use it, you can make yourself look sweet and beautiful than ever. Slightly tie it around your ponytail or at the end of your braids.

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Embellished headbands

Headbands have already been trending for years. And in 2020 fall, the style is moving towards embellished, ornate and unique ones. So, you might slip-on a pearl-lace headband or jewel-encrusted one without worrying about wrong choices.

Angular bobs could be the hottest hairstyles in fall 2020

Bobs get a fall-forward update with longer, face-framing layers. It works well for many hair types and has countless styling options. If you dream of an angle appearance, then just simply take this option.

Choppy bangs

If at-home haircut for bangs is a nightmare in spring, then it is getting a shaggier makeover in 2020 fall. Longer, messier, and choppier; but carefully look for professional hands unless you want to ruin your look.

Soft, romantic updos

You all may find updos familiar and a little outmoded already. In contrast, soft, pinned-up curls will make you look dreamy and enchanted as princesses in fairy tales.

 What do you think about our collection of hairstyles in fall 2020? Just let us know which one is your favorite!

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