A Tutorial on How to Get Boho Waves Without Heat


I don’t know about you, but styling my hair with heat is the last thing that I want to do in summer. I don’t want more water to radiate to my head and to melt my makeup. The more straight hair is a little pointless because moisture is so strong, with a blow dryer or flat iron. The texture can return to hair in minutes with all the air humidity.

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I consider it easier to deal with them by promoting my natural waves instead of fighting wet conditions. Hair, thankfully, is totally chic, ranging from loose waves to attractive, all-round curls. The appearance complements a hippie-chic atmosphere of fashion and a sorry summer spirit. Best of all, the best way to achieve modern waves is by airing your hair to prevent thermal damage while you stay cool.

Below is a very easy way to create your own boho waves without destroying your hair texture.

Supplies Needed

  • Styling product (I used Redken Guts 10 Volume Foam Spray and White Sands The Cure 24/7)
  • Pin curl clips or duckbill clips

Step 1.

Apply the product to moist hair and make a vertical section above one ear on the front. This needs not to be fully separated – it’s actually better to avoid partial lines if it is not perfectly straight.

Step 2.

Wrap the strands around your finger off your face and wind the bend down to your scalp with your fingers.

Boho Waves – Step 3.

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To create the boho waves effect, glide the curl pin or duck clip to the bottom to secure the strand. The lower end should sit against the skirt and through the center of the curl the top end should be.

Step 4.

Continue to take vertical pieces in, wrap around your face, and add them to the middle in the back. Take care not to perfect these pin curls. Think quick and easy; just wrap the curl, pin it, and move on.

Boho Waves  – Step 5.

Repeat the steps for the other side. Leave your hair there for some hours and relax. Until it dries, take the pins off and your boho waves are ready to go.

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