Autumn Hairstyles and Color Ideas for Girls


Autumn means that is exciting news for those who have medium and long hair. This is one of the best times to style your natural hair to all beautiful autumn hairstyles that bring an elegant, romantic appearance. So, we have selected here some best autumn hairstyles and color ideas for girls for you to choose this season.

Thanksgiving Inspired Hair Crown: Autumn Hairstyles for Girls

It is not only for Thanksgiving, but also appropriate for all the autumn hairstyles. To get this style, you just need a few flowers that are chosen subtly with your base color and the season. And then, create a loose-tie up and combine with the crown.

Dutch Braid Updo: Girls Hairstyles Ideas for Autumn Season

This hair idea works excellent on autumn color, especially reddish-brown or variations of it. Plus, golden highlights with chestnut base color also an ideal color for this beautiful autumn style. It is easy to create by mixing crown Dutch braid with round bun.

Waterfall Braid for Straight Ombre Hair

Waterfall is considered the best style for straight hair in this autumn because it shows off the pattern of the waterfall braid better than curly hair. Also, it helps you to achieve a clean, cut without too much time to make.

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Double Side Braid with Flower

This is another style that belongs to long dyed hair in fall color. You can make two side birds on the side you want and finish it with a flower or a bow hair clip to make an outstanding point for your hairstyle.

Waterfall Side Braid with Bun

Why don’t you try a waterfall with a bun? After doing your waterfall, you just need to lift the end of it in a sort of a messy low bun. Moreover, you should choose blonde or lighter-toned hair for this lovely autumn style.

There are the charming autumn hairstyles and color ideas for girls. We hope that you can enjoy your season with each of them.

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