Best curly hairstyles for women with short hair


Best curly hairstyles for women with short hair

Many people think that short hair is so difficult for women to create a new hairstyle. But, don’t worry there are countless adorable curly hairstyles for your short hair!

Wavy Sassy Bob

This is one of the best choices for thin short hair women. Also, it is sublime for showing off cute modern cuts and salon dye jobs. The highlight to this look is an angled cut, elongated towards the front. Therefore, you should show the hairdressers some images as examples if you are expecting for this hairstyle.

Curly hairstyles for short hair: Messy Curly Pixie

Some longer hair women are also attracted to this hairstyle. It’s an ideal style for women with looser waves that are manageable. To be more stunning, you can create a cute bang that suits your face shape in order to help your hair look thicker and curly locks flow nicely.

Edgy Brunette Bob with Glossy Waves

This hairstyle brings you an elegant beauty that dynamic layers and razored ends are the perfect combinations for an edgy bob. A dramatic dark brown, almost black is an ideal color for your hair in this situation.

Curly hairstyles for short hair: Metallic Blonde Jaw-Length Bob

Another hairstyle with color is added to this collection. We believe that Jaw-Length Bob brings you a youthful appearance; particularly a bright blonde color with slightly darker roots creates the illusion of thicker and more voluminous curls.

Side-Parted Wavy Curly Bob

Side-Parted Wavy Curly Bob is not only great for short hair but also medium hair. You should make it a bit messy to achieve a natural look. Moreover, adding a combination of chestnut and light brown color to liven it up.

These are examples of curly hairstyles for short hair that you can consult and decide ones to refresh your looking.

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