Bold and Beautiful Short Spiky Hairstyles for Women


The super short and spiky hairstyles are now more popular in female grooming. This brings women a bold and beautiful look when you pay attention to the spiky textures. If you are looking for the convenience and sass in a new hairstyle, you come to the right place. Now, we will share with you the most impressive short spiky hairstyles for women that bring you a rich choice.

Multiple Messy Layers

The easiest way to create fullness for thin hair is to add layers throughout a very short hairstyle. With this style, you can spike it for a casual look and smooth them down to get more sophisticated.

Classic Blonde Pixie

This classic short spiky hairstyle never goes out of style even when it was on-trend for few years ago. Fiery, retro, beautiful are all words to say about the timeless hairstyle like this one.

Spikes with Acicular Texture: New Trend Short Spiky Hairstyles for Women

When mentioning this hairstyle, it is not only unique but also low maintenance. You can keep it natural or use a little bit of gel and water to achieve a spiky look in a minimal hair length.

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Platinum Blonde Faux Hawk

Do you want to look like Miley when she cut off all her long brown hair? You definitely can do this with a blonde faux hawk! You will look edgy but still glamorous.

Spiky Shortcut to Color

It is worth waiting an hour in a hair salon for a new hairstyle with color. This seems to be a bonus for your short spiky hairstyle that makes a fun statement to the world.

These are the most eye-catching short spiky hairstyles for women that we want to present to you. After taking a consideration, we hope you find something useful with your new hairstyle.

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