Combination of Blue and Purple Color Ideas: Why Not?


The meaning of purple and blue color is femininity, intelligence, and also strength. So, it is wise when you know how to combine two kinds of colors. Blue and purple colors work great on highlight, ombre, and midnight galaxy hairstyles. You can go with darker, deeper or lighter if you want. We recommend you to ask the hair colorist to choose the suitable color with your skin tone. Check out some blue and purple color ideas to get more inspiration.

Electric Blue and Purple

This color idea is the best choice for fair skin tone women. The blue looks darker when it meets purple that creates a perfect night- effect.

Mermaid Highlights

Highlights are always on-trend from the past until now. We believe that with the hair ideas that inspirit from Mermaids, you will never feel disappointed to go with.

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Deep Mermaid Hair

This is another way to catch other attention with Mermaid idea. Also, it belongs to those who love Mermaid but don’t like the base of blonde. This combination of purple and blue is beneficial to create shine and texture elements.

Unicorn Blue and Violet: Trendy Combination of Purple and Blue Color Ideas

Pair a bright blue with fuchsia purple to be a trendy unicorn this season! The purple and blue can be brighter hue but still eye-catching.

Deep Galaxy Blend

What can be more interesting than the secret of the galaxy? The combination of dark and light shades brings others a complex and suspicious feeling.

Intense Periwinkle and Magenta Purple

We have fallen in love when seeing this perfect mix of colors. Interestingly, this hair color works great in all skin tones. Add some waves to finish your new look.

These are the top of purple and blue color ideas that we have found for you. We hope you to find more amazing ideas in this article before changing your look.

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