Halo Braids Ideas That You Need to Try 2020


When you hear the name “halo”, you will think that there are some magical things here. Who wears this style looks like a goddess or medieval princess that you have known in fairy tale stories. However, this style is not as complicated as you thought. If you know how to create and don’t mind doing some practice, we believe that you can achieve it easily. Moreover, you will succeed to upgrade them for your own ideas and interests. We have shared with you the ways to style halo braids below.

How to Make Beautiful Halo Braids?

This halo braid runs around your head along to the hairline, so that it belongs to those who have medium to long hair. You can do this style with Dutch or French braid your hair. There are 5 steps to make halo braids:

Step 1: Begin with a middle part or centered-part. Like the way to get a braid, take three strands of the right side and put the left strand under the middle one, and the same for the right strand under the middle.

Step 2: Add a little bit of hair to the side strands and give them in turns under the middle one.

Step 3: Because of the convenience, you will want to change the position of your hands when you reach the side of the nape. So, keep going on the other side of it, and change the position of your hair again.

Step 4: You should braid your hair up along the other side of the head and go to the ends.

Step 5: Wrap the braid freely around your head and secure it by bobby pins. Plus, you can add some accessories you want to finish this look.

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Check out some 20 inspiration photos of halo braids before getting start experiment.

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