On-trend Mid-Length Hairstyles to Take to Your Stylist


When you don’t have the patience to grow long hair and also don’t want to cut your precious locks, congratulation, mid-length hairstyles are your perfect style. It’s an ideal zone cause you are able to try out virtually every single hairstyle in existence. And the truth is in 2020, after quite a long time, the medium length is about to rule our Instagram feeds once again. There are countless celebrities have tried these styles and look breathtaking, from Kylie Jenner to Celine Dion, they all let medium-length hair reign.

On-trend Mid-Length Hairstyles to Take to Your Stylist

80s-Curls On-trend Mid-Length Hairstyles to Take to Your Stylist

With so many celebrities rocking all kinds of mid-length hairstyles, there’s no shortage of looks to be inspired by. Let check our lists below and see how they unleash your imagination. Screenshot the best one you like and bring them to your favorite hairstylists to refresh your current look.

Mid-length hairstyles with bangs

Adding bangs can do wonders for taking any face shape and turning it into an angled and chiseled masterpiece while adding even more dimension to your hair.

Lob hairstyles

On those lazy days, if the last thing you want to do is style your hair, let’s seek something new. Your lob looks more beautiful when paired with all kinds of accessories. Another easier way to renew your lob is to add some character to a basic lob by getting some highlights.


Updo is always in styles, it’s a hairstyle that might take you from daily casual to a night out. With updo styles, you will never worry about the locks falling off your face.

Ponytail hairstyles for mid-length

It’s an easy hairstyle that can make even at home. Sometimes you might play up the old and the new with a half ponytail hairstyle to be different from the everyday.

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