On-trend Pastels Purple Hair Color Ideas


Although having appeared in the late 80s and early 90s, bright neon is still the most popular non-traditional hair color now. Unlike the past, these upgrading shades are more versatile and have low-maintenance. Moreover, purple pastel is also on-trend in this time and predicted to maintain its trend for many years after. So, don’t forget to check out the list of 20 trendiest pastels purple hair color ideas to choose the one that suits your taste.

How to Bleach Your Hair for Pastel Color?

To get the perfect one, you need to bleach your natural hair color, especially when you don’t have blonde or white hair. That is the reason why you should consider and find the hairstylist to get more advice before coloring.

There are two ways to bleach your hair. One way is to bleach and dye it into pastel. Another one is a two-process method, bleach your hair is the first step and finally adds the pastel color you want. Many hair colorists like to choose the second method, while home coloring kits often have the first way. Like other colors, they ensure your hair is healthy enough in chemical treatment. So, they will test your hair first. And then, if it is suitable, you can choose the color you want.

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How About Pastel Purple Color Ideas?

When talking about pastel purple, the most common one is Manic Panic. In contrast, you can just use pastel in highlights that give your hair look colorful. Another way for you is that you can achieve this color at the end of the strands. If you choose that, you just need to bleach where you will apply color in. however, we highly recommend you to dye your hair in the hair salon because they can fix any problem before and after dyeing.

Let’s see the list of pastels purple hair color ideas!

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