Perfect Comb-Over Hairstyles for Handsome 2020


Comb over hairstyles have become more and more popular because of its classy and great combination. So, we are here to give you some excellent examples of comb-over hairstyles for handsome that you will see how it works on your hair.

Men’s Sexy Wavy Hairstyle

In fact, comb-over hairstyles are good for every hair textures, including wavy hair. So that, you can keep back and sides extremely short for a super neat appearance.

Brown Side Part Style and Bushy Beard

It works great when combining with lumberjack chic or lumber sexual style. You can get clean beards that drive women crazy.

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Men’s Long Top Short Sides Haircut

With perfect blonde hair in place, this is a streamlined style when pairing with jeans and sneakers for men.

Faded Side Part: Best Comb-Over Hairstyles for Handsome

If you fall in love with the tough haircut from the Fury movie, ask the barber for a disconnected fade in your next visit. Thanks to the shaved side part, it helps you to accurately delimitate the contrasting sections with the faded short sides and medium-length hair on top.

Long Polished Waves

This gives a perfect look for those who have to be out frequently as a social man. The tip is that combining classic long waves with a trendy low fade comb-over that creates enough balanced to fit in various events.

Taper with Layers

Don’t think that comb-over is just for shorter hair men. With gentlemen with long hair, they can achieve a comb-over in the highly trendy. Combine this classic taper with your long, messy strands.

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Comb-over hairstyles for handsome are the choices for a professional, confident look. We hope you can select something after seeing these photos.

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