Perfect Hairstyles For Women With The Long Face Shape


Today, we are going to find out which hairstyles will make ladies or girls with long face shape look more attractive and outstanding.

Curled shoulder-length hair for long face

The plus point of this hairstyle will make you become more girlish. If your face is long-shaped, don’t miss the shoulder length with a little bit curl at the end of the hair. It will take you a lot of time to take care of it. Besides, you are going to be younger than you are.

Wavy short hair with bangs

People say that this hairstyle is trendy and makes you feel energetic. If your wavy hair is dyed with some color, this combo will make you look gorgeous.

To be younger and active, you can mix your hairstyle with color tones such as blonde brown, purple-red, and chestnut color. In case, you want to have more eye-catching hair, you can go for ash color or platinum hair.

Lightly curly hair tail with bangs for long face shape

With this hairstyle,your face will look rounder. Let’s cut your bang straight to reach to your eyebrows, which will cover your forehead and make your face look well balanced. This hair will be ideal for going to work, hanging out and dating as well.

Straight hairstyle

If you are looking for something traditional, this one will definitely make you satisfied. For straight hair, many people have loved it although it’s quite simple. This will show the elegance of a woman.

This hairstyle is not fit for long face shape, and it makes other people fall in love with you at the first sight.  Besides, you just take a few minutes a day to take care of it to have smooth hair. And then you will be confident to go everywhere. 

I hope you, guys will like it, and choose the best one for your long face shape!

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