Perfect Hairstyles for Your Face Shape in 2020 (Part I)


Have you ever walked into a hair salon, asking for some hairstyles like the ones of Gigi Hadid or Alexis Ren, but then your finished look make you regretful? I understand that feeling. That’s not the hairdressers’ fault, though. I’m so sorry to say that it was your fault to not know what hairstyles can suit your face shape. That awkward situation won’t happen again if you follow our guides.

Perfect Hairstyles for Your Face Shape in 2020

1. Hairstyle for the Oval Face Shape

If your face has a shape like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid, it is oval, which is the ideal one for every hairstyle.

For this face, the width is shorter than the length, and the jawline is only slightly narrower than the hairline, which is gently rounded. There is also almost no prominent points or angles. Why is this shape are so versatile for any style? Since it is well-balanced and evenly proportioned. As a result, if you have this face shape, you are so lucky, don’t hesitate to try different styles.

Best hairstyles for oval shapes are the ones that don’t elongate your face. A blunt bob with face-framing pieces is a go-to style if you want shorter hair. On the other hand, if you insist on your long hair, you can have some bangs. These little changes can make a big difference. 

2. Hairstyle for the Heart Shaped Faces

You have 2 choices here: accentuating the tapered face shape or balancing it in the bottom half by making it look wider. If your decision is focusing on a heart shape, try to do the ponytails. Or else, you can make a lob so that around the jawline can look a little bit wider and more well-balanced.

layers-for-heart-face-shape-1 Perfect Hairstyles for Your Face Shape in 2020 (Part I)

3. Square Faces

Similar to the heart-shaped faces, for the square faces, you can either draw every attention to the unique square shape or simply hide it away by softening the jawline. Some soft, wispy bangs or long hair layers are our favorites for this type!

Square-Faces-hairstyle Perfect Hairstyles for Your Face Shape in 2020 (Part I)
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