Perfect Hairstyles for your Face Shapes in 2020 (Part II)


Perfect Hairstyles for your Face Shapes in 2020 (Part II)

In this article, we will focus on hairstyles for the next 3 face shapes which are round faces, long faces, and diamond-shaped faces.

1. Round faces

Like oval-shaped faces, round faces don’t have many prominent angles, the width and length are quite the same. They are often known as “baby faces”, bringing up the young look. For this type, you can find out more inspiration from celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst, and Ginnifer Goodwin.

Here are some tips for people owning this face type. The main point is trying to elongate your face and turn it to an “alike” oval shape. We recommend you leave a small piece of hair untucked on one side of your face. This will make your face look smaller by shortening the width of the face.

A short pixie cut is worthy your braveness. It adds more texture and angles, without making your face look too harsh.

2. Long faces

Long faces is opposite from the round ones (their names say it all). That’s why the goal here is not elongating your face, but shortening it.

To widen the width of your face, you can try some flat-iron waves with some loose curls. Try to make the widest part of your waves placed on the area of your cheekbone. That can create a wider effect. A good salon-style blowout is also a quick, simple way to achieve more volume and width. Whatever hairstyle you want, look for some expanding the width rather than length.

3. Diamond-shaped faces

Recently, many girls desire a diamond-shaped face since it is not only balances but also symmetrical. If you are that lucky girl having this face shape, you can make it look even more attractive with the long, side-swept bangs. This style can spotlight your cheekbones in particular and your entire face in general. On the other hand, if you want to go shorter, you can try a textured lob. As well, try out a sleek middle part with your hair tucked behind your ears or a sleek high ponytail to show off your bone structure.

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