Red is TWICE’s Jihyo Hair Color in the Upcoming Months


The first-ever multimedia concert was organized by K-pop group TWICE for fans across the globe on August 9. A few members showed new teething jobs despite their best attempts to cover their hair for days with fans. The hair of Momo is now what I would better describe as coral bronze, the hair of Tzuyu is smoky gold and Sana is now more than a light copper bronze. Momo is a blue-classic. Jihyo ‘s hair also had a red cherry — as she had expected.

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Back in February, when we sat down to an interview in Seoul in South Korea to cover her Allure, the chief of the nonet tipped me off on her dye work agenda. (This joke, ONCE, is sorry accidentally.) TWICE’s Jihyo hair color was blonde at the time and since that time she has played with a few colors, including a tinted rosy-colored hue.

Red is TWICE’s Jihyo Hair Color in the Upcoming Months

Jihyo said: “Long before I was a singer I dyed my hair. But I thought I wouldn’t look great, but it would be better than I expected”.

Though she had been in blonde ‘s mind for the last ten months Jihyo had finally come to her place. “After red, I’m not going to dye any other color,”.Blue her hair just was to brace herself for TWICE’s Jihyo hair color.

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The only thing Jihio said was “very bright”. And in the near future, I expect her to get more candy from a GFriend SinB. But I’m sure Jihyo ‘s deeper scarlet shade is stunning for now. “While I was in pre-school and middle school, I always mocked the color of my hair,” remembered Jihyo. “That’s been nice looking at me, people around me said so I’m going to try again.”

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