RM of BTS Hairstyle and The All-time Favorite Hair Color


Together with the K-pop group BTS dropping a new song named “Dynamite” on August 21 brand new hairstyles are coming for members. In the teaser photos published on Monday, all these new looks were revealed: most of the 70s stuck with natural shades of black and brown but leader RM shocked the fans with a brilliant Teal Dye job. How could K-pop fans resist from the RM of BTS Hairstyle?

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When they released the first teaser, RM shared a selfie on BTS’ Instagram. And in less than 24 hours, it gained over one million times. I admire the almost flawless fit of his hair with his bright contacts.

Pastel Blue is His Fans’ All-time Favorite Hair Color

RM has not felt the soft sound for the first time. Since BTS first debuted in 2013 (as have his fellow members, Jimin, Suga and V) he has been dabbling in the world of blue hair many times. In these blue times, some also refer to him as “blue Joon” (based on his actual name Namjoon). After Monday’s big announcement, the word ended up trending on Facebook.

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RM was using a sky blue color for about a month in 2015. His first true blue hair, RM of BTS Hairstyle, was released in the “Young Forever” album one year later. RM ‘s cut was at that time shorter and longer on the water. However, it was equally blue in sea glass to the one it currently has. It became a favorite look quickly. Later on, with a dark charcoal tone, he put back the blue for the 2018 video of ‘Idol’ and an ashy pastel hue. We look forward, no doubt, as BTS’ new music video launches next week to see RM’s latest blue dye job in practice.

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