The 20 Sexiest Ponytails Hairstyles for Women


As you know, ponytails hairstyles not only use for daily life but also are sexy at formal occasions. Sweeping your strands away from the face but letting them fall freely creates a youthful, polished effect. Ponytails are inspirited many women because of its versatile and easy making. The styles can be done for all hair types, for example, black, short, long or thin hair, etc. however, you don’t need to look further to find the upgrading of them. We are here to bring you 20 alluring ponytails hairstyles for women that you can enhance your creative styling list.

New Ideas for Ponytails Hairstyles for Women

Forget the traditional ponytails; you should know some modern ponytail hairstyles before checking out these photos.

Low loose ponytail: You shouldn’t tight your hair too much because it will be stressful for your locks and scalp. Low loose will be the best option for you every day. You can achieve this style even in curl or straight hair.

A sleek top with a tousled ponytail: Messy is always on-trend and on the favorite list of women. You simply do this chic style by using hair gel to sleek your hair at the roots and pull it back into a ponytail.

French-twisted ponytail: Pairing two styles maybe the new creation. We have here a French Twist and a low pony. This style brings a cool asymmetrical look for women.

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Wrapped ponytail: although this is not a new one, you can play with this old style by twisting the leaving section and wrapping around your base of pony.

Ponytail with crimped sections: using iron items will help you to add more textures to your classic ponytail. You can choose the section you want to curl.

Ponytail with a part: To achieve a new look, try to make your basic ponytail low and with a middle part or side part.

Check out these 20 examples of ponytails hairstyles for women!

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