The 6 Best Man Bun Braids In 2020


Braid hairstyles have been popular all around the world for its unique and creative look, and of course, its variation has been the same, too. Both the man bun and braid bring in a cool and trendy look to those who wear them. Therefore, when they combine together, they will be a big surprise for all people around you. 

If you’re ready, let’s check out these 10 best man bun braids before getting the style. 

1. Dutch Braids

This is quite easy to get the look. Separate your hair into 2 parts and start braiding along both sides of the head, and then pulling the braids back to tie a bun. 

2. Double Man Bun

Double man bun is great for men with thick hair that is famous for being hard to style. 

Like the Dutch braids, firstly, you separate the hair into 2 parts and braid. After that, you pull the braids back and make 2 buns instead of one. 

3. French Braid Man Bun

Another sexy braided hairstyle is the French braid man bun. Start braiding at the top of your head and finish with a bun wherever you want.

This braid is less likely to damage your hair, in case you get hair loss or thin hair because it doesn’t require a lot of force to pull the hair. 

4. Side Braid Bun

Among the best man bun braids, the side braid bun brings in a sense of creativeness because you can combine it with other hairstyles. Just braid a small part along your side and pull it back into the bun.

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5. Short Man Bun with Braids

A short man bun with braids is ideal for men who are in the process of growing long hair. You can choose to weave how many braids you like without any limitations. 

For this style, we suggest that you should separate the braids into several small and different shapes to get the best look.

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6. Long Man Bun with Braids

Another variation of the basic man bun, the long style helps to keep the hair out of your way and bring in a cool look to your hair at the same time. 

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