The Charm of French Braided Ponytails for the Event


Not only casual, but creative French braid ponytails also work great on special occasions. It is versatile that being sweet or sassy depending on your desire. Thanks to French Braided ponytails for the event, you can achieve feminine and super chic with formal clothes. So, check out these styles now!

Charmingly Soft Ponytail: French Braided Ponytails for the Event

Not only for casual but also for formal occasions, a French braid into a ponytail look can add a lot of classy for your hair and clothes. Using texturizing spray will be the best way to begin.  You should keep the braid low while pulling in sections of hair from your part to get the natural looseness.

Artistically Undone Braid

We think that you have seen a braided ponytail like this before. So, maybe you don’t realize that the super loose sections are actually a deconstructed braid. Plus, the contrasting tiny braids are artistic.

Messy Double Braid

If a carefree bohemian style is more your demand, there is nothing than a side braid with wispy flyaways for a messy touch. It goes with proportions by weaving a thin tight braid into a larger loose one, instead of normal French style. And the result is amazing that should not be missed.

Braid and Bun

It’s best to think outside of the old collection if you are looking for any French braided ponytails that can do it great job in prom or fancy occasion. Just to add a twisted bun to your traditional long pony for an unexpected look.

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Side Braid for Medium Hair

Sometimes, un-done side braid with ponytails is perfect for weddings when you have shoulder-length hair. You just need to create a jumbo braid with loose curls that will get an enchanting look for your special day.

So, what are you waiting for? Try to experiment with one of these French braided ponytails for the event, particularly in the next one!

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