Top 10 stunning hair colors to dye in this 2020 (Part I)


Top 10 stunning hair colors to dye in this 2020 (Part I)

Have you got bored since you have kept the same hair for quite a long time? It’s time you got your hair dyed. However, choosing trendy and stunning colors is another story. You cannot dye your hair in all colors and find out your favorite. Your hair simply cannot bear that, can it? But don’t worry. I spent so much time on the Internet identifying the best 10 colors to dye in this 2020. As a result, you can get more inspiration from this following list.

1. Dark Honey-Blonde Hair for 2020

Whatever your skin tone is, this honey-blonde color still works perfectly. Take my word for it, this hair color will never become outdated (at least in 2020). Another plus is that it is very low-maintenance.

2. Glossy-Brown Hair Color Trend

Hold on, this is not black, I can guarantee. This hair color is a little bit brighter than black, like super-brown hue but rich in dimension. You can try some at-home gloss to add more shine. We recommend the Kristin Ess Signature Hair Gloss.

3. Golden Highlights for 2020

This hair color needs some help from the experts. But it’s worth it. The golden hue is represented through super-blended highlights and lowlights.

4. The Silver-Blonde Hair Trend

The shade of blonde with silver undertones will be a bomb in the upcoming months. It carries a classy and luxurious vibe. Bear in mind that purple shampoo is recommended to maintain this bright color.

5. Lilac Hair – Color Trend for 2020

“Lilac” is a German word that means “violet”. This color trend will never disappoint you. To neutralize any brassy tones, you should apply the hair mask at least once per week.

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