Top 10 stunning hair colors to dye in this 2020 (Part II)


Perfect Hairstyles for Your Face Shape in 2020

Following the series of hottest hair colors in 2020, this article will focus on the next 5 stunning colors which make you outstanding whatever age you are.

6. Caramel Highlights for 2020

This color has a chocolate brown base. Additionally, some caramel highlights are added to bump up the shine of your hair.

7. Demi Lovato’s Dip-Dye Ends for 2020

This hair hue may be one of the most unique hair colors that you’ve ever thought of. I must say the version of the dip-dye end gives you a much more cool and badass vibe than the one you made with the Kook-Aid. What’s more, your hair will not be much damaged since only the ends are affected. Demi’s hairstyle can be a perfect example that you can follow. You can imitate her look by curling the end to create a lovely shape.

8. The Chocolate-Brown Hair Color Trend

I know what you are thinking: brown hair is a trend (again), duh. However, giving it some depth will make a difference. You can choose the deep, rich, chocolate brown shade color like this one. Or else, inserting some lighter brown highlights and waves can be a good choice.

9. The Rich-Red Hair Color Trend

Girls, this hair color is for you if you are sick of an “ordinary” appearance. It is vibrant, vivid and young. I heard that many people hesitated to put this color on since they were afraid that it would wash them out. But it’s not true, at all. The bright red hue will do nothing but warming up your skin tone.

10. Shadow Roots for 2020

Maintaining the dye hair color (especially the bright ones) is never an easy task as your hair grows every day! You may want to lather up this shadow roots hair if your root grows out a little bit. Basically, a “shadow” contrast is created by dying your root a darker color. However, I recommend you go to the profession for an easy-go.

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