Top 5 Haircuts For Women In 2020 Winter


Among a large number of haircuts for winter this year, there are 5 best ones that I want to introduce to you today. Let’s check it out now!

Blunt bob haircuts

There are lots of options fob bob that you can choose from. Among them, this blunt bob will definitely make you satisfied by its beauty. It is quite similar to the original style. But, it will give you a soft and girlish look. You also can make little wavy for this short hair cut.

Straight long haircuts

The natural straight long hair has never been out of date. It is quite simple, but has its own attractiveness. Let’s take a look at many celebrities around the world, and they are big fans of this hairstyle. Sometimes, simple is the best.  You can make it to the waist or if you want some points on your hair, some layers are not a bad idea.

Layer Pixie Winter Haircuts

If you are into in Pixie style, why don’t you try a new version of it? It is a layered pixie. You will appear in a very energetic and stylish look with this haircut. So, just add some layers to your pixie hair, and ready to rock it.

Light curly hair with bang

Regardless of your hair length, this absolutely makes you feel active. You will catch other’s attention because you look so wild and gorgeous. Then, a bang with a suitable length will make your beauty shine. You can take Taylor Swift as an example.

Mid-length layer winter haircuts

For this style, this is optional to have a bang. It has some subtle layers, which will make your haircut more outstanding in the crowd, and give a softer look.

All in all, these above are top 5 haircuts for women in this 2020. I hope you will like it, and find the best one for you soon.

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