Top High Fade Haircut For Men 2020


Summer is coming. It is time you had a new fresh haircut. One of the most popular styles many see sported by men this summer 2020 is the fade hairstyle. The style is quite popular and comes in many variations. In this article, we will show you 15 gorgeous high fade haircut. If you are contemplating, just go for it.

What is the high fade haircut?

The reason this particular hair cut is called a high fade is that the hair disappears within a two-inch area (or even lower at times) below the top of the hair. Unlike a low fade, this hair here disappears higher. The high fade usually follows a line that goes straight back from the corner of the forehead. It allows guys to combine the high fade with short or long hair on top depending on what type you choose.

How to cut a High Fade

If you are good at cutting hair yourself, you can do it at home. In this case, you should prepare a couple of things, including a pair of electric clippers, styling scissors, comb, hair wax/ hair gel, and towels. You can find instructions by watching some hair tutorials on Youtube. Or you are not confident at doing these things, it does not matter. You can find some skilled hairdressers do it for you.

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What a high fade look on you

Believe me, a high fade totally gives you an image of a young, dynamic, and sporty man. Because a high fade creates a contrast between your face and your hair, the back head and the top of the hair. That makes your face look much brighter and sexy. Now want to find a suitable one, let’s check out these following pictures!

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