Useful Tips To Achieve A Silky & Shiny, Glossy Hair


Have you ever been envious of celebrities’ silky and shiny hair? Of course, almost everyone all has the same desire as that at least once.  Yet transforming dull, dry hair into sleek, smooth, shiny tresses isn’t easy. This process requires much time and effort to receive the most satisfying results. If you are ready to practice at home, then let’s start with some useful tips for silky, shiny hair.

1. Focus on nutrition

Many girls often fail to achieve desired results because they forget an extremely important element in nurturing hair – diets. Dry hair is often caused by the lack of vitamins like A and E. They not only help to generate natural oil in your scalp but also boost moisture and blood circulation. You can add these nutrients by eating raw nuts and seeds and green leafy vegetables.

2. Tips for silky, shiny hair: Drink enough water

The truth is water is not only great for skin, it’s beneficial for hair too. By drinking enough water daily, you might stay away from dull, dry hair.

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3. Rinse with cold water

After clearly washing your hair, blast it with cool water. Cool water seals cuticles, making your hair shaft laying down, resulting in shinier hair. 

4. Invest in the hair mask

A hydrating, restorative hair mask will keep your hair happy and hydrated. There are a lot of DIY recipes from natural ingredients for you to try. For example, honey and avocado are some best options for you.

5. Put away heating tools

A hairdryer or straightener is likely to be causing heat damage to your hair. The best option is to let it air dry as much as possible. If you need to dry your hair quickly, then use a blow-dry in a cool setting. I have to say that these tips for silky, shiny hair are easy to follow. Just give them a try and see how they work for your hair. 

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